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A Message From Epic

Hello Everyone,

We have decided to cancel tonight and tomorrow's performance of "The Moors." We are still able to perform it according to the guidelines given to us by the state, but out of an abundance of caution, we believe this is the right thing to do. Refunds will be given to everyone who requests them, and we're also happy to exchange tickets for a future performance.

We are very proud of "The Moors" and we are even prouder of the team that put it together. We're hopeful that we can find a way to give the run the closing it deserves, but we want to be sensitive to the current national crisis.

Also, while we applaud the other theaters who have already chosen to make their own difficult decisions regarding their respective productions, we are sorely disappointed in other businesses where attendance regularly goes over the allotted state guidelines, that have decided not to adjust the way they do business at this time.

We are not medical professionals, politicians, or public health experts, but it seems clear that allowing places like malls, casinos, and restaurants to continue operations while the performing arts have been focal point of public pressure to close is not only unfair, but dangerous. This is a highly contagious virus, and it seems foolish to suggest that somehow a person would be at risk in a theater with sixty people in it but not in a restaurant with a hundred or a mall with five hundred.

Tough calls are being made right now, and there is no satisfactory resolution. Government officials are clearly trying to find a balance that upholds a stable economy while keeping as many people safe as possible. Unfortunately, trying to achieve that balance is resulting in mixed messages and confusion. We understand the difficult position businesses are in as they face this crisis, and this will surely have an economic impact on everyone in the arts, including us, but we can no longer find the justification for continuing on as usual, and we find it hard to believe businesses in the private sector would be able to do so either. We're asking them to take a hard look at their values going forward.

Please keep other theaters and artists of all kinds in your thoughts, as well as caregivers and those who are ill.

Thank you and stay safe.

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