• Kevin Broccoli

A Message from Fearless Leader

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working a story that many of us have held in our hearts since we were children.

It’s very rare for us at Epic to do shows that the whole family can enjoy, and that’s what makes the two shows we’re working on this summer so special.

They’re both based on beloved novels that preach the value of kindness, the power of friendship, and the healing properties of time and nature.

Plus, there are talking pigs.  What’s better than that?

Charlotte’s Web is the timeless book about the friendship between Wilbur, a rambunctious and lovable pig, and a spider named Charlotte.  The two start out as an unlikely pair and end up needing each other more than they could have ever imagined. In the process, they help create a wonderful community made up of humans and animals.

So what made us decide to focus on the sweeter side of theater this summer?

It’s cliched to say something like “The state of the world today…” but--

The state of the world today.

We wanted to offer our audiences a chance to enjoy a short and sweet evening of theater with their whole family.  It’s been proven that integrating the arts into the lives of children is beneficial for a number of reasons, and shows like this one are the perfect introduction to the wonder of taking a tale from the page to the stage.

And for those of us who’ve been doing theater since we were children, it’s productions like this that remind you how simple it is to take a handful of props, a ladder, and a few chairs and transport yourself right under a spiderweb.

On a personal note, I recently became an uncle to the most beautiful little baby girl you’ve ever seen, and something about revisiting the compassion and simplicity of E.B. White with this group of theater artists I truly love.  We’re recruited a regular stable of Epic favorites to portray these indelible characters, and this has been a true collaboration as we’ve worked on giving an Epic spin to this iconic story.

Thank you for coming to our little farm, and as always--


Kerry Giorgi (Charlotte) and Ian Hudgins (Wilbur)

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