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A Message from Our Fearless Leader

A Message from Our Fearless Leader

Life sucks.

No, really—I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but…

Things aren’t great right now.

So when the rights to a play titled “Life Sucks.” becomes available, it seems nearly impossible to pass up.

When that play is also a deconstruction of one of my favorite plays of all time, there’s nothing left to talk about—you switch your original spring production for Aaron Posner’s take on “Uncle Vanya.”

The fact that the Gamm Theatre recently did a note-perfect production of “Vanya” doesn’t hurt either.  Chances are, the story is still going to be fresh in your mind when you see Posner’s wild and wonderful interpretation of Chekhov’s masterpiece.

But if you do happen to be unfamiliar with the story of Vanya and his family, there’s still plenty to enjoy.  Posner does an excellent job of hitting all the high points of the story while still finding terrific tangents and side roads to drive down, exploring all the nuance of a play that many would dismiss as a dusty classic.

The truth is, there really couldn’t be a better time to hear from Vanya and the dysfunctional bunch that’s driving him mad.

His frustration at his own wasted potential, the regret he feels at not making something of himself, the way he feels trapped by his own situation—

These are all things we find ourselves grappling with—and in the midst of our own internal struggles there’s a tangible tornado going on around us.

But the real reason I’m excited to welcome “Life Sucks.” to the Epic stage is not because it reflects the resentment of the times, but because the play seems determined to champion hope.  Chekhov’s characters may be despondent, but they’re not defeated, and neither are Posner’s versions of them.

I hope you enjoy the show.

Life might suck right now, but it’s still one hell of a ride.  So—


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