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A Message from Our Fearless Leader

From Our Fearless Leader,

Long live the little theater!

As I sat down to write something welcoming you to Jen Silverman’s “The Moors,” it occurred to me that a show like this is the best example of why we need smaller spaces in which big theater can happen.

The Moors is one of those plays that could only exist in the blackboxes, basements, and other makeshift spaces that get turned into theaters by ambitious companies that want to push the envelope as they enchant you.

Here at Epic, we’re now planning our ninth full season. We’ve been lucky enough to have a resident space in Cranston at the Artists’ Exchange for eight of those nine years, but “The Moors” reminds me of the shows we used to tackle back when the only thing we were concerned with was showing audiences something they’d never seen before and delighting them in the process.

Jen Silverman is one of the brightest playwrights in American theater, and “The Moors” is a brilliant riff on the Gothic works of the Brontë’s that reminds me of the subversive novels of Sarah Waters with the devilish humor and quick wit of Caryl Churchill. It’s a play about a house full of women (and a dog) with suppressed desires who find their lives turned upside down by the arrival of a mysterious governess. What follows is a bewitching story that twists and turns in ways that celebrate what theater is all about--the potency of imagination and the unparalleled power of the language.

As always, we love finding showcases for some of the fantastic actresses we have working here at the theater, and The Moors is one of the best I’ve come across in a long time. Our cast includes Kerry Giorgi, Stephanie Traversa, Alexis Ingram, Vanessa Paige, and Katie Westgate. Then, just for good measure, we have Rico Lanni playing a dog going through an existential crisis. After a few shows that were more classically constructed, I have to say that I am very excited to be just plain weird again.

Vince Petronio is back in the director’s seat for us, and he’s crafted a production that we think is going to be the perfect midway point as we head into the latter half of our eighth season, and it’s our first time using our (slightly) larger space located at Theatre 82 since last June. It’s still intimate and inviting, but it allows us to tell the story with a few extra bells and whistles.

What can I say?

Some shows just demand a little more room to show you what they’ve got.

And speaking of showing you what we've got, below you'll see the latest photo series from our Resident Photographer Samantha Gaus featuring some of the ladies of "The Moors" inspired by the play. Feast your eyes, and--


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