• Kevin Broccoli

A Message From Our Fearless Leader

Choosing a show for this time of year is always one of the toughest and most rewarding parts of my job.

Over the past few seasons, we’ve brought iconic stories to our stage in new and innovative productions that examine what makes the power of these plays strengthen and deepen over time.

This year, selecting a play was easy, because I knew it was time to take something off the bucket list and put it right in front of our audiences.

In a season focusing on the theme of Conviction, what better classic could we take on then the challenging and engrossing story of Bernarda Alba and her five daughters.

The struggle and oppression of women is something that’s come up a few times this season—particularly women from all over the world.

So often in theater, we’re staring at our reflections seeing characters who look and sound exactly like us, and while that can certainly be a worthwhile experience, it also limits our empathy and prohibits theater from working the full scope of its magic on us—to take us to other places and help us identify with people who find themselves in surroundings and circumstance unlike anything many of us have ever faced ourselves.

The woman behind this particular adaption of Bernarda Alba is the brilliant Emily Mann. Her approach to the work is a skilled one. It looks at the suppression of all kinds of women, and while it takes place in a remote Spanish village, it asks us how the passion and powerlessness Bernarda’s daughters feel can be found inside our own hearts and minds.

This play is a showcase for a phenomenal group of stellar actresses, led by Michelle L. Walker, who our audiences will know from searing and sensational performances in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and “Bootycandy” and directed by my good friend Carol Schlink who last appeared with us in "Tribes."

“The House of Bernarda Alba” is the rare classic that features an entire cast made up of women, and it felt like just the right play to take us into a brand new year.

We look forward to another year of sharing thought-provoking and cathartic theater with you here at Epic as we continue to search for our own creative conviction through the plays we produce. The stories that leave a lasting impression. The characters we can’t forget. The ideas that don’t just echo our own, but ask us why we believe what we believe.


Photo by Carol Schlink

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