• Kevin Broccoli

A Message From Our Fearless Leader

Welcome to the Revolution!

We’re so excited to be presenting the Rhode Island Premiere of Lauren Gunderson’s witty and wonderful new play “The Revolutionists.”

Gunderson is one of the most frequently produced playwrights in the country, and yet, for some reason, Rhode Island audiences haven’t had the opportunity to experience her brilliant mix of academia and absurdity. We’re thrilled that we get to introduce you to her.

As a surge of diverse and dynamic women entered the United States Congress last month, we were working on this incredible production about what happens when women take control of their destinies and the destiny of the world-at-large.

All season long we’ve been looking at characters with conviction—and these four women certainly apply. History has rarely produced more fascinating figures than the likes of Charlotte Corday and Marie Antoinette.

Don’t let the historical references throw you off. The debates you’ll be hearing onstage are nearly identical to the ones we find ourselves having today. It’s the same question that’s plagued characters from Hamlet to Hamilton—

As a singular force in the Universe, what can I do to bring about change?

We wanted the plays we presented to you this season to be a call-to-arms. It’s easy to sit in a theater and bemoan our lot, or worse, create an echo chamber where we all agree to dislike the same people.

What’s trickier is asking ourselves how we can help and what that help should look like. And as many people have already pointed out—The Future is Female.

This production is being directed by a true hero of mine—Lynne Collinson. She’s a fierce advocate for women in the theater—both onstage and off, and she recently co-founded the WomensWork Theatre Collaborative right here at the Artists’ Exchange. She’s the perfect example of someone who isn’t sitting on the sidelines waiting for something to happen. Like the characters in this play, she’s getting it done, and I’m so glad to have her, and all the incredible women working on this show, here at Epic.

We always like to present a nice mix of intense drama and bubbling comedy, but we always want to leave you thinking about what you’ve just seen.

I think you’ll find that’s the experience you’re going to have after an evening with Lauren Gunderson and “The Revolutionists.”

Watch your head, and—


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