• Kevin Broccoli

A Note From Our Fearless Leader

"Paint" is a love letter to artists.

It's also a star vehicle, an ensemble piece, a science fiction story, a play about mothers and daughters, muses and inspiration, the Civil War, melodrama, and pre-historic cave drawings.

In other words, it's Epic.

Every year, I have the privilege of presenting one of my plays on our stage, and this year I got to write something for one of my favorite actresses--Steph Rodger.

Steph has appeared in numerous productions here at the theater, most notably last season's production of The Revolutionists. She has the talent and the work ethic to pull off what I think is one of the most challenging characters we've ever presented. An artist who finds herself rebooted throughout time as she struggles to complete just one painting.

Artists producing shows about artists is, admittedly, self-indulgent, but we wanted to use the exploration of the artistic process to show just how vital the arts are not just to the world today, but to the world of the future. The challenges artists face are often humanity's challenges, and by making it possible for people to create, we can acquire better reflections of the world around us.

In other words, just let us paint.

Finally, we're so excited to announce that as part of our ongoing photo series with our Resident Photographer Samantha Gaus (who is also featured in the show), we've partnered with the Avenue Concept to showcase some of our incredible actresses posing with the breathtaking public art all around the city of Providence and the artists who've created them. Those photographs will be released throughout the run of "Paint," and it's a perfect way to celebrate the artistic journey.

Thank you for coming along with us, and-- #BuckleUp

Photograph by Samantha Gaus/Model: Gabriella Sanchez/Mural: Somnium by Mike DeAngelo

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