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Aaron Blanck's "Trick Or Treat-Quel" Casts A Spell On Epic

After taking over the tinsel in last season’s A Christmas to Forget, Aaron Blanck is back with many of his holiday friends to dismantle everyone’s favorite pagan celebration. In Aaron Blanck’s Trick or Treat-quel, all the characters you sort of remember and kind of love have reassembled to bring you a spooky, musical, never-ending nightmare for all ages!

“After the success of last year’s show, I was like, ‘Hey Aaron, do you want to do this again,’” says Artistic Director Kevin Broccoli, “He said, ‘No’ and that was the last I heard of it until I found out he’d been rehearsing in the theater for the past few weeks. I tried telling him that we’d scheduled a production of Now, Voyager in October after he turned us down, but he refused to leave, and with my lawyers out of town, it looked like we just had to go ahead with it and hope for the best.”

The top-secret production has been shrouded in secrecy, but we do know that it answers all your questions from the first show, such as--

How did Aaron meet DJ?

Has Tina the Puppet gone Equity?

Will Renee Zellwegger convince us she’s Judy Garland?

“I keep hearing screaming and then crying and then more screaming and then a little bit of laughter then some singing and back to the screaming,” says Broccoli, “And that’s just when Aaron’s alone in his dressing room.”

Aaron Blanck’s Trick or Treat-quel will play a very limited run at the Artists’ Exchange, home to Epic Theatre Company from October 11th - 19th.

Tickets can be purchased at https://www.artists-exchange.org/events



Directed by Aaron Blanck and Jack Clarke

Written by Aaron Blanck

Insured by Aaron Blanck


Beth Allienello

Clare Blackmer

Kerstyn Desjardin

Nora Garron

Kerry Giorgi

Brian Kozac

Rico Lanni

Cassidy McCartan

Daria-Lyric Montaquila

Ashley Moore

Maggie Papa

Jennifer Pierel

Lauren Pothier

Michael Puppi

Emma Sacchetti

Derek Smith

Katie Westgate

And Introducing Aaron Blanck* as Aaron Blanck

*Denotes Being Under Investigation for Acting as an Unlicensed Bette Davis Impersonator

Stage Manager: Kevin Thibault

Music Director: Brian Kozac

Dance Captain: Jennifer Pierel

Lighting Designer: Katie Westgate

Costume Coordinator: Lauren Pothier

Epic Production Manager: Samantha Gaus

Epic General Manager: Megan Ruggiero

Epic Operations Manager: Kerry Giorgi

Epic Technical Director: Alexander Sprague

Artistic Associates: Alvaro Beltran, Angelique Dina,

Korey Pimentel, Melanie Stone

Poster Design: Elena Semenkova

Resident Photographer: Dave Cantelli

Visual Series Curator: Samantha Gaus


Friday, October 11th @ 8pm

Saturday, October 12th @ 8pm

Friday, October 18th @ 8pm

Saturday, October 19th @ 8pm

All performances at 50 Rolfe Square, Cranston RI

Tickets: $20 General Admission, $15 Seniors, $10 Students

$5 for Anyone Aaron Slanders

Ticket Link: https://www.artists-exchange.org/events

***Epic Theatre Company seeks to bring provocative contemporary work to Rhode Island as well as new perspectives on classical theater. We strive to continue the tradition of "event" theater, where each production has built-in excitement both for the audiences and the artists involved.

****Epic is a proud member of the Rhode Island Theater Alliance (RITA) and is the Resident Theater Company at the Artists Exchange in Cranston, RI.

Poster Design by Elena Semenkova

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