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Carrie: The Exit Interview

This week we've got not one, but two Exit Interviews after closing our production of "Agnes of God" and our collaboration with the Academy Players on "Carrie." We sat down with Carrie White herself, Betsy Rinaldi, to talk about her experience at the prom.

This is the Epic Exit Interview for "Carrie"

1. What’s your favorite line from the show? (Doesn’t have to be yours.)

“In a world where nothing’s sure / And nothing’s ever guaranteed / You should trust the way you feel / That’s the only thing that’s real” – Unsuspecting Hearts 2. Which role would you want to play other than your own? (Gender doesn’t matter.)

Easy: Chris Hargensen. Her song is my absolute favourite…but I could never be as badass as Courteney (Olenzak) was. 3. What was the hardest song for you?

This feels like a trick question! This is NOT an easy show; every song changes key and/or tempo at least once. “Carrie” was probably the toughest one for me. That number is a marathon and to have the first notes you sing in a show be at a full belt is intimidating. Advice to future Carries: DOUBLE YOUR WARM-UP TIME. You’ll thank me later. 4. What moment did you look forward to each night?

This also feels like a trick question because there are so many!

My favorite on-stage moment is a tie between being at prom with Tommy (Teddy Kiritsy) before being crowned because it was nice to finally be able to interact with the cast in a positive way AND the scene up to / through singing “Unsuspecting Hearts” with Paula (Glen) because we played off each other and found something new every night.

Some of my favorite off-stage moments were sharing tea with Michelle (Schmitt) before each show, having dance-offs from across the wings with Courteney (Olenzak) and Marcus (Evans), trying to break Steven (Carvalho) out of his zombie trance, Tylar (Jahumpa) sneaking snacks into my backpack… 5. How did it feel being covered in blood?

STICKY. The blood was made from chocolate syrup, corn syrup and red food dye so if you smelled frosting when I walked through the audience…that was me! True sweetie Jacob (King) stayed late every night and helped hose me down. We actually had a pretty good system going by the last performance. 6. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I would want the ability to fly. I hate airports and planes but want to go places…see my dilemma? 7. What other Stephen King adaptation do you want to star in?

“The Reach” (short story published in Skeleton Crew) in like, 50 years or so. 8. Who will you miss the most from the show?

I did two shows back-to-back with Paula (Glen), which ends up being about four months we spent together, so it feels weird to not see her every night…but I don’t plan on missing anyone because we have a pretty active group chat going. 📷 9. What was it like working on a musical for the first time in years? Is it like working a different muscle?

It was terrifying and exhilarating. I had spent so long convincing myself that I couldn’t do musicals that I forgot how much I love being in them. The camaraderie that develops among those involved is truly magical; you realize how insane you all are for doing what you’re doing and love each other all the more for it. 10. Describe the experience in one word.


Photo by Samantha Gaus Photography

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