• Kevin Broccoli

Emily Dickinson IS Back

We are so excited to revive (literally) one of the breakout characters from our very own "American Drag." Emily Dickinson, as played by Nick D'Amico, is back from the dead (once again) to read some of her modern poetry to our biggest supporters on Patreon.

She'll be taking on the trappings of daily life like marble counter-tops and cable bills with her unique lyrical eloquence.

"Emily Dickinson Reads a Poem" debuts this Sunday exclusively on the Epic Patreon. To sign up, go to www.Patreon.com/EpicTheatreCo .

Plus, we've got "Checking In" with Angelique Dina tonight on the Epic Instagram (@EpicTheatreCo) with George E. Marley from Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

And tonight on "Midnight Monologues," Kevin's got Epic favorite Ryan Leverone performing a brand new piece about sea life and their...habits.

It's our way of keeping you sane (as best we can) while you--


Betsy Rinaldi, Nick D'Amico, and Angelique Dina in "American Drag." Photo by Dave Cantelli.

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