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Exit Interview: Erika Fay Greenwood

Before we finish up the summer, we have one more #EpicBaby questionnaire to share with you and, of course, our "Secret Garden" Exit Interview!

After her Epic debut as Mary Lennox, we couldn't wait to hear what Erika Fay Greenwood thought of the process, the production, and working with our tech director/fashionista Alexander Sprague.

The Epic Exit Interview: Erika Fay Greenwood

1. What is your favorite line from the show? (Doesn't have to be yours.)

Probably “I don’t want boys, go away!”

2. Which character would you like to play other than your own? (Gender doesn't matter.)

I would say Colin, because I would have fun with being as sassy as Colin is. I don’t know if I could do it like Alex does though.

3. Have you ever tried gardening?

I tried once when I was little but i didn’t have the patience for it

4. #TeamDickon or #TeamICantBelieveSheWindsUpWithHerCousinSpoilerAlert

#TeamDickon I can’t believe Frances Hodgson Burnett did us like that. Mary and Dickon forever

5. What was it like being onstage at Epic for the first time?

Honestly really awesome, everyone was super encouraging and sweet. Everyone was professional and easy to work with. I love it here

6. Did Alex throw anything at you during this process, and if so, will you be suing us?

All he did was throw a good fit at me and I threw it right back and I think my lawyer is pretty tame right now but i’ll let you know if that changes.

7. What's your biggest secret? (We won't tell anyone.)

My biggest secret? Probably that i’m not actually ten. Shhhh don’t tell anyone.

8. Who will you miss the most from the show?

Probably Alvaro because of his giant hugs and infectious laugh. Every time I saw him, he would give me a hug as if he hadn’t seen me in ages, but I’m really going to miss everyone. We built a strong bond.

9. What did you learn from it?

I learned how to be a child again and I learned how a group of strangers can turn into family really quickly.

10. Describe the experience in one word.


Photo by Dave Cantelli

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