• Kevin Broccoli

Faces In The Mirror

As we head towards our eighth season opener in just two weeks, we asked local photographer (and our production manager) Samantha Gaus to collaborate on a series of photos featuring our incredible cast.

Anna Deavere Smith’s “Fires in the Mirror” examines identity and community, and how multi-faceted The American experience can be—both its pain and its progress.

We’ve taken our favorite three photos from each of these shoots and asked Samantha about the experience of photographing our actors.

First up is Alexis Ingram, who plays Angela Davis and Sonny Carson.

Here’s what Samantha has to say:

“Often times when I first point a camera at someone I can see their mind go to thinking about how they will look. I usually chat with them or tell them to think about something specific. In the case of Alexis, she has such a rich and well thought out character in the show, it was simple for her to get out of her own head. She has an effortlessness about her acting and as soon as I reminded her to ignore me and just be in the moment on stage, she was magic.” “Fires in the Mirror” opens September 13th at Epic.

"Fires in the Mirror" opens September 13th.

Tickets can be purchased at https://www.artists-exchange.org/events

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