• Kevin Broccoli

Fill In The Blanck Is Back!

It's finally returned!

Aaron Blanck's Epic game show is making its big return this week with some very big guests, and enough hi-jinks to get you through even the hottest summer months.

This week, Aaron welcomes contestant Nancy Winokoor to try and guess what celebrities are thinking as she and they try to--



Rachael Warren as Joan Crawford

Jason Quinn as Chubby Checker

Ava Mascena as Nikki Blonsky from the Movie Hairspray

Alexis Ingram as Mariah Carey

...And a Special Appearance by Kerry Giorgi as Judy Garland

Music by Papa Kozak featuring Brian Kozak and Maggie Papa

The "Fill in the Blanck" Writing Team includes Aaron Blanck, Catia, Brian Kozak, and Daria-Lyric Montaquila

During the program, we'll be raising money for a good cause and reading all the names of people who went to 4th of July parties this weekend and didn't wear masks as part of our new Shaming Initiative.

So tune in, and--


Photo by Samantha Gaus

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