• Kevin Broccoli

Fill in the Blanck Strikes Back!

Aaron Blanck is back for a third round of stupendous silliness this Saturday, May 23rd at 7pm for "Fill in the Blanck: An Epic Game Show" Live on Epic's Facebook Page.

This time around, Aaron will be joined by contestants Brien Lang and Clare Blackmer, and a celebrity panel that ranks right up there with "Battle of the Network Stars" and "I'm a Celebrity, Why Am I Stranded in Target?"

The panel features Jennifer Mischley as Ethel Merman, Valerie Westgate as Macaulay Caulkin, Alison Russo as Timothée Chalamet, Lauren Pothier as Penny Marshall, and a special appearance by Michael Puppi as Liza Minnelli.

Plus, music from the Fill in the Blanck house band Papa Kozak, featuring Brian Kozak and Maggie Papa.

Tune in and #StaySafe

Clare Blackmer in "Trick or Treat-quel." Photo by Samantha Gaus Photography

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