• Kevin Broccoli

Hey Daria! Meet Our Newest Digital Diva

You may remember Daria-Lyric Montaquila from our November production of Paint, but now she's getting her very own weekly show on the Epic Instagram.

In the next few weeks, we'll be debuting her brand new digital program featuring a unique blend of engagement and entertainment that we're cultivating as part of our "Stay Safe" Series.

That includes a new Facebook program premiering this Monday night at 7pm called "Drop the Mic with Marlon Carey" where the renowned local poet will break down the written word in an insightful and invigorating way unlike anything you've seen from us so far.

Plus, there's a brand new episode of "The Pimentel Podcast" on our Patreon, "Just Delicious with John McElroy" on Instagram (@EpicTheatreCo), and "You've Got This with Michael Puppi" on the Facebook page.

It's how we keep you connected to the work we do here at Epic, and the great work that's happening all over the digital sphere right now as people are acting on their intentions to create what our friend Mr. Ricardo Pitts-Wiley calls "a new better."


Photo by Samantha Gaus Photography

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