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Jenny Peek Is Coming To The Drag

This week on "The Drag," we are so excited to welcome Jenny Peek! Jenny will be speaking with our Artistic Director Kevin Broccoli on Saturday, September 12th @ 7pm on our Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/EpicTheatreCo).

Here's her super-delightful bio--

Jenny Peek has been working in theater for longer than many people have been alive. She has been an off- and off-off-Broadway stage manager, the founder and Executive Artistic Director of The Manton Avenue Project and the interim Production Manager of the Providence Performing Arts Center, among other things, and is currently a Broadway Company Manager eagerly awaiting the return her livelihood! She also has a BA in Physical Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania.

We can't wait to hear all her thoughts on theater and how she's faring during :: gestures to everything :: all this.

Plus, we have Angelique's final "Checking In" tonight on the Instagram before her big hiatus (@EpicTheatreCo) with special guest Kelly Robertson, and some brand new programming coming at you next week, including the debut of two new co-hosts for "Checking In" while Angelique is off taking over the world.

It's how we keep you tuning in, while you--


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