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Kevin Broccoli's "King Lear"

Updated: May 23

Epic Theatre Company is proud to continue its #StaySafe Series with one of our most audacious publicity stunts--ever.

As the dubious meme says, during a plague, William Shakespeare wrote "King Lear." This questionable-at-best call to artists to push through anxiety and dread to create a masterpiece has been the subject of mockery and disdain, but our Fearless Leader has decided to take on the challenge and do Shakespeare one better.

Epic Artistic Director Kevin Broccoli has participated in many shameless media antics before, from World Records to antagonizing Oscar nominees, but this time he's combining everything he's learned from schemes to put together his biggest obstacle course yet--

He will be writing "King Lear" in just one day.

"At least once a day someone says to me 'Oh you must be getting so much writing done,'" says Broccoli, "And the truth is, while I have been able to write a lot of shorter pieces, writing a full-length play takes an enormous amount of focus, and focus is in short supply right now. I thought that by taking on the challenge of re-writing one of the greatest plays of all time, I would either succeed and show that there is a way to preserver creatively even during the worst of times, or I'd fail miserably and show people that it's utterly silly to force yourself to accomplish something like this right now. Can't wait to see which one it is."

Broccoli will go live on social media to document his writing, and along the way, he'll be raising money for Epic Theatre Company.

The write-a-thon will begin Saturday, May 23rd at 11:59pm and go until Sunday, May 24th at 11:59pm.

Once Broccoli has completed his play, he'll decide if it's any good and then maybe do a Zoom reading of it, or just set it on fire.

For more information, e-mail Info@EpicTheatreRI.org.

Kevin Broccoli (Right) with Terry Shea. Photo by Dave Cantelli

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