• Kevin Broccoli

Let's Get To Work

Over the past two days, Epic has done what a lot of organizations have done and decided to take a pause, look at the objectives we laid earlier in the week and the action plan we put together, and start to figure out how we can start implementing movement towards those goals starting immediately and continuing on for the rest of summer and beyond.

We believe it's a reasonable concern on the part of people trying to enact real and permanent change that groups can promise a lot now and then let the ever-shifting collective attention span carry it away from the work they've pledged to do.

That's why we wanted to check in with you now and commit to checking in regularly to update you on what we're doing and how it's tangible as opposed to ethereal.

In other words, we know a virtual hug is useless and getting money and resources to good causes is what really moves the needle.

So let's talk about the next few days, and then it'll be time for another check-in, and we'll get ourselves into a pattern of accountability.

First off, we have an incredible asset that exists right now as part of the Epic digital line-up and it's called "Checking In with Angelique Dina." If you haven't been watching this weekly program on our Instagram (@EpicTheatreCo) then what you've been missing is a ten-minute interview each week hosted by our amazing Artistic Associate Angelique Dina as she converses and promotes local businesses and non-profits to see how they're doing in the midst of the pandemic.

This week, after discussions with Angelique, we've decided that "Checking In" is the perfect program to start amplifying voices that need to be heard. Those voices might include business owners and non-profit leaders as well, but it'll also include people who can offer insight and information about the Black experience in Rhode Island.

Next, we've asked all our digital creators to promote a different charity on each of their programs that's meaningful to them and that supports the Black Lives Matter movement. That begins tonight on "Midnight Monologues" when our Artistic Director welcomes one of our favorite actors, Jomo Peters, to perform an original piece.

We'll also be continuing to spotlight a charity each day in collaboration with The Contemporary Theatre Company in Wakefield and making a donation to those charities.

Finally (for today), this Saturday's episode of "Fill in the Blanck" will be dedicated to raising money for the RI Solidarity Fund. Donations will be solicited during the program, and after sending Epic proof of your donation, two donors will be given the opportunity to be a guest on a future episode of the program. Epic has also secured a commitment from a very generous anonymous donor to double all donations made that night.

We're excited to get to work and we thank you for rolling up your sleeves and doing your part as well, especially people who are protesting, donating money and resources, signing petitions, and speaking out.


Photo by Dave Cantelli

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