• Kevin Broccoli

Max Is Coming To "The Drag"

Updated: May 16

Our bi-weekly talk show "The Drag" is back and better than ever.

This week, our Fearless Leader will be talking to the General Manager of the Wilbury Theatre Group and state treasure, Max Ponticelli.

Max and Kevin will be talking about theater in Rhode Island what the future holds for the community and beyond. Max is also an educator and tech-genius who has been an invaluable resource for artists since all this began.

The show will be live on Facebook this Saturday, May 16th @ 7pm.

"The Drag" is part of Epic's #StayInStaySafe Series including our brand new Instagram show "Listen Up! with Dalita and Tylar" which premieres tonight at 6pm and "Bedtime Stories with Burr Harrison" tonight at 7pm on Facebook Live.

It's how we're keeping you entertained and engaged while we start to venture back towards something resembling normalcy, so it's time to--


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