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Meet Our Fern

We're doing something special here at Epic this summer!

Welcome to the wonderful world of "Charlotte's Web" where we asked each of our actors questions about what they loved as children.

It's really just an excuse to post adorable childhood photos of them, but you might learn something as well.

Meet Betsy Rinaldi, who plays Wilbur's Best Human Friend Fern, a young girl who loves talking to animals and riding Ferris Wheels.

Come see Betsy and everyone in "Charlotte's Web" at Epic when it opens on Friday, July 12th.

Tickets can be purchased by going to https://www.artists-exchange.org/events

1) What was your favorite book as a child?

"Little Nino’s Pizzeria" by Karen Barbour #Italian

2) What was your favorite film?


3) What did you want to be when you grew up?


4) Who is your best friend?

Queen PJDeebs a.k.a. my mom 

5) Who was your favorite teacher?

Ms. McCullough 

6) What is your favorite animal?

Teacup pig. 



...Don’t make me choose.

7) What were you afraid of when you were little?


8) What was your favorite food when you were young?


9) What was your favorite place?

Discovery Zone

10) Name somebody who changed your life.

Pop (You know who you are)

Baby Betsy

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