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Meet Our Goose

We're doing something special here at Epic this summer!

Welcome to the wonderful world of "Charlotte's Web" where we asked each of our actors questions about what they loved as children.

It's really just an excuse to post adorable childhood photos of them, but you might learn something as well.

Meet Samantha Gaus, who plays the Goose, the Carnival Barker, and one of our Narrators.

Come see Samantha and everyone in "Charlotte's Web" at Epic when it opens on Friday, July 12th.

Tickets can be purchased by going to https://www.artists-exchange.org/events

1) What was your favorite book as a child?

I loved Eloise because my parents always called me Skipperdee after the pet turtle from that book. Take from that what you will.

2) What was your favorite film?

The original Care Bears Movie from 1985, the opening song is performed by Carole King and I’m obsessed with those bears. Kindness + animals is all I ever need (which is why My Little Pony was in the running for this slot too)

3) What did you want to be when you grew up?

A sea lion trainer at Mystic Aquarium. Still kinda do want to do that. Some dreams never die.

4) Who is your best friend?

My friends Amanda and Diana were like family. We were in Girl Scouts together and had sleepovers even on weeknights. I’m still close  friends with Amanda to this day and Diana sadly passed away in 2017 but we were close and in touch to the end. 

5) Who was your favorite teacher?

My 6th grade Spanish teacher Mr. Astudillo, he was young and fun and I learned a ton from him. Plus he still lives in Providence so it has been cool to run into him occasionally as an adult.

6) What is your favorite animal?

Pigeons. I love all birds so much I could cry, but pigeons are just so derpy and fun. I also just love their beautiful feather color variations. I’m excited to be playing a Goose in this show, as I can be in touch with my avian side.

7) What were you afraid of when you were little?

Giants stealing me from my bed. I had to always sleep with the blinds closed and had a recurring nightmare for years that I was being chased by a Jack in The Beanstalk type Giant. Tall people I am fine with, just not giants.

8) What was your favorite food when you were young?

Meatloaf. I stick to that to this day.

9) What was your favorite place?

The AMC lodge at Mount Cardigan in NH. My family went every year and my mother eventually became a hike leader. Then as my sister and I got older we both had stints working there. 

10) Name somebody who changed your life.

In the context of a theatre questionnaire I would have to say my Grandmother. She was highly active at Barker Playhouse as a stage manager and producer so I used to run around backstage and watch her work. I learned so much of what I know now from her and I credit her active spirit in her hobbies as my inspiration to do so much now. I cannot imagine my life without theatre.

Baby Samantha

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