• Kevin Broccoli

Meet the Cast of “The Secret Garden”

Last night, we closed “The Secret Garden” but we still have two more childhood questionnaires to share before we wrap up our #OneSweetSummer

Here’s our Technical Director and the actor playing Colin—Alexander Sprague.

1. Favorite Book

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

2. Favorite Film

100% the Tigger Movie, I watched it once a day for a solid year

3. Occupation

I wanted to be an astronaut (I still do)

4. Favorite Teacher

My 8th grade English teacher Ms. Orabone, she was the one who got me back into theatre.

5. Favorite Place

I loved spending time at my grandmother’s pool, my sister and I easily spent 5/7 days a week there when we were little

6. Fear

Spiders and my preschool teacher....I thought she looked like the emperor from Star Wars

7. Favorite Food

I loved mashed potatoes

8. Favorite Person

I’d have to say my best friend Emily, we have been friends since 5th grade. She and I were in our first play together back in 2010.

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