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Our Next Book Club Selection

The amazing Ann Hood is here with your next big summer read.

Our July Selection is "Lady in the Lake" by Laura Lippman.

Here's Ann with why she chose this month's page-turner--

"Full disclosure, Laura is one of my best friends. We teach together in Florida every January, go to Italy every other year, and she even married my husband and me! But I was a fan of her Tess Monaghan novels and her stand-alone's long before I ever met her. The first year I taught at that conference in Florida, I just stared at her across the breakfast room, gobsmacked and fan-girling. Her story about how we became friends is in her new essay collection, My Life as a Villainess. But this month is all about her latest novel, Lady in the Lake, which is, in my opinion, one of her best. This is the perfect to read on the beach, (socially distanced, of course) or swaying in your hammock. Just be forewarned: Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop. So pack snacks. I asked Laura if she’d share with you how she came to tell this story, and here is what she said:

It may sound like hindsight hoo-haw, given our present moment, but it was a very conscious, very meta concept--as a white woman who has made a career writing about murder, often involving POC, I wanted to do the very meta thing of showing a white woman using Black suffering to advance her own agenda. That's the conscious thought that underpins the last line, about painting a picture of yourself painting a picture of yourself painting a picture. I can see what I do, but how do I stop doing it? If we remove the issue of race -- How does any creative work centered in someone's pain not exploit that pain?

(How do we know the dancer from the dance?)

My only defense is that writers (creatives) who work in full consciousness are part of the journey forward.

Get ready for a roller coaster ride of a novel!


Be sure to order Lady in the Lake from an independent bookstore near you. We recommend our friends at Symposium Books, but any non-Amazon outlet will do.


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