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The Epic Exit Interview: Charlotte's Web

Well, we've closed up the barn for now, but the garden is just about ready for visitors.

Before that happens, we needed to do an Exit Interview with one groovy goose--

Samantha Gaus, our production manager and fantastic fowl, gave us all her closing thoughts on one of the sweetest shows of the summer.

This is the Epic Exit Interview for "Charlotte's Web"

1. What is your favorite line from the show? (Doesn't have to be yours)

“Wilbur waited patiently for the end of winter and the coming of little spiders” because I knew it meant I got to see the baby spiders soon. I LOVE THE BABY SPIDERS SO MUCH.

2. Which role would you like to play other than your own?

For sure Charlotte, she has always been one of my favorite characters from childhood.

3. If you could only have one animal on your farm, which animal would it be?

A TURKEY! I love birds and I once met a turkey who was quite friendly and let me pat his head. He would gobble with joy when people pet him. I would love him forever and NEVER eat him.

4. Are you afraid of spiders?

No! When I find a spider in my house I name it and formally invite it to live with me as long as it would like. Most recently was Mo, the spider in my bathroom window, very friendly.

5. Have you ever been to a county fair?

I went once to the Big E and could not figure out what I was supposed to do there. I was informed you eat and walk around in the hot sun and eat some more and walk around in the sun some more, etc. Not for me. I’m a city Goose.

6. We heard you had to miss Dolly Parton at Newport Folkfest because Kevin made you perform in a show that exclusively featured Dolly Parton music. Can you ever forgive him?

Kevin didn’t MAKE me perform in his show, I asked to be in it because I love the book. He cast me at my request. Plus, we believe he may have mystically been the one who summoned Dolly to RI in the first place by using her music in the show. I was heartbroken that I missed her, but then next day, when Kermit the Frog himself showed up to sing The Rainbow Connection with Jim James, my heart healed fully. I love actually nothing more than I love Muppets. Crisis averted. Plus, someday when Kevin finds a way to see Dolly (because he WILL) he MIGHT bring me with him.

7. You made all the messages in the web. Do you ever want to craft again?

I will always craft. I will NEVER again make a 4ft Web. A piece of my soul will live in that web, forever trapped.

8. Who will you miss the most from the show?

This cast was really exceptional, we all really loved working together. I think I will miss Teddy the most because he is the only one leaving who I won’t see soon. He was a blast to have on as Stage Manager. But a close second is the lively Ryan Leverone who I got to know better in this show. He doesn’t live as close, so we will have to occasionally kidnap him and hold him in RI for reunions.

9. You've now played a horse, a cow, and a goose--which animal is next for you?

Well my favorite animal of all time is a Pigeon. I was just cast in a show that had three humans playing pigeons, and I am NOT ONE OF THEM. The casting committee must not have seen my special skill of playing animals on my resume. But truthfully, to round out the “farm animal” theme I have going in my “career” I would say I’ll likely be a goat next. I’ve been working on my head butting.

10. Describe your experience in one word.

Radiant (spelled correctly this time!)

Laura Ash, Samantha Gaus, and Ryan Leverone / Photo by Dave Cantelli

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