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The Epic Exit interview: Stephanie Traversa

We're about a week away from our production of Peter Parnell's "Dada Woof Papa Hot" directed by Theodore Clement, so we thought we'd check back in with one of the actors from "The Christians." The glorious Stephanie Traversa at down at her computer and answered these questions we sent her as part of our--

Epic Exit Interview: The Christians

1. Favorite line from the show.

“... that’s a real question, I’m asking for an answer.”

2. Role you’d like to play other than your own.

Pastor Paul. Love me a good 12 minute monologue.

3. What would your church be called?

I think you mean “coven”

4. Have you ever yelled at a pastor?

No, but when I was growing up Catholic and going to confirmation class we had a teacher who’s style was very “scared straight” which sounds like the worst kind of loose cannon, but he was actually super liberal and inspirational.

5. What do you typically do on Sundays?


6. Jomo went through a window to unlock the dressing room. How impressed were you?

I think it’s all proof that not only is Jomo a supernatural being, but that church is definitely haunted.

7. What was it like performing in a church?

I love doing theatre in places that aren’t theatres.

8. What did you learn?

How to speak like someone who is not good at public speaking.

9. Who will you miss?

I will miss everyone, and having never worked with Jomo or Richard before this I hope we all get to work on more projects together in the future.

10. Describe the experience in one word.


Photo by Samantha Gaus

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