• Kevin Broccoli

The Epic Writers Club

It's Wednesday and that means we're pleased to crown our first Epic Writer.

Last week, we started the Epic Writers Club, and invited all you writers out there to submit your best ten-minute plays. We received an amazing amount of plays, all of them a wonderful read.

If we could, we'd make our Fearless Leader give all of you the $10 prize, but we saw him walking towards his piggy bank with a hammer earlier, so we figure we'd better choose only one winner this time around.

And that winner is Paula Glen and her play "Brigands."

Now, as for the rest of you, don't get discouraged. We've got a brand new prompt for you today, and $10 ready to give away next week to whoever writes our favorite 10-minute play by 11:59pm on Monday, April 6th.

Remember, Patreon supporters get an extra prompt to work with, and with Paula's permission, we'll be posting her play on the Patreon tomorrow so you can read her winning piece.

Happy Writing!

PROMPT #2: In honor of April 1st, a holiday none of us should be observing this year, we want you to write a play about a prank gone wrong.

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