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The Exit Interview: Dada Woof Papa Hot

We sat down and then called Terry Shea who played Alan in "Dada Woof Papa Hot" by Peter Parnell to talk about the final show of our seventh season now that it's completed its run.

Here's the Exit Interview:

1. What is your favorite line from the show? (Doesn't have to be yours)

For being on point, it would have to be, "It's gay, yeah, but it's still marriage." It reads like the movie poster tagline. But my personal favorite isn't even a full line, it's just one word - "fiacre" because I was physically unable to say it without becoming slightly ridiculous for a second.

2. What character would you like to play other than your own (Gender doesn't matter.)

Julia Whitty. You're not in until Act Two and then you get to show up and just steal the show and go away again. Otherwise, I'd want to be Jared, Julia's unseen child, because he gets almost as much notice without even having to be present. Does this sound like I hate being onstage?

3. What was the fanciest thing you could get your kids to eat when they were little?

Olive tapenade on rice cakes...and I didn't have to ask - they just...liked it. I blame their wooden block, no face baby doll schooling.

4. Have you ever been to Fire Island?

I've barely even been to Long Island. I actually only have the vaguest of ideas of where Fire Island actually is.

5. Have you ever made out with someone in a nursery?

The fact that I had to stop to think about about it makes me just want to say yes, because it's potentially true. Hopefully not.

6. What was the worst part about having that mustache?

Multiple times, people sighed in relief when I acknowledged that it looked like I was an 80's Adult film actor. At least 10 people said to me, "whew...I was thinking that, but I didn't want to tell you." Cowards.

7. How would you have reviewed your performance in the show if MoreTeeth were still around?

"Alan, played by Terry Shea, is supposed to be on a strict workout schedule with his hunky trainer, but it's clear that Alan is only in for the view, because he actually seems to gain weight as the play goes on, even going so far as to bring the action to a screeching halt while he chews on a donut."

8. Who will you miss the most?

Mel (Serena) because our commiseration on abusive child literature in Scene Two was breathtakingly honest. I won't say [Kevin Broccoli, Our Fearless Leader], because I see [him] every other day, anyway. It's like we have visitation.

9. New York--Uptown or Downtown?

I heard it said somewhere that Uptown is really just Downtown's sleepy, tired old upstairs neighbor. I agree.

10. Describe the experience in one word.


Photo by Dave Cantelli

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