• Kevin Broccoli

The Fill In The Blanck Cabaret

We've got another "Fill in the Blanck" Special for you this weekend, and this time, we're Blanck-ing on the music and the lyrics!

(It's like drunken karaoke, except without a bride singing Celine Dion while her new husband feeds her Domino's. God, we miss the Boombox.)

Aaron's got an A-list line-up of talent ready to give you all the entertainment you could want--and then a little more, because we like to leave you somewhat *too* satisfied.

"The Fill in the Blanck Cabaret" features--

ET (Katie Westgate)

Penny Marshall (Lauren Pothier)

Lana Del Rey (Ardemis Kassabian)

Nikki Blonsky (Ava Mascena)

Beaker (Gabrielle McCauley)

Sen. Lindsey Graham (Michael Greene)

Janis Joplin/Mothra (Maggie Papa)

Co-Hosted by Aaron Blanck and Catia

The "Fill in the Blanck" writing team includes Aaron Blanck, Catia, Brian Kozak, and Daria-Lyric Montaquila.

Join us for the Cabaret this Saturday, August 22nd @ 7pm.


Katie Westgate. Photo by Dave Cantelli.

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