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The Ladies of Women's Work Theatre Collaborative are Partnering with Epic

It all started with a monologue.

After the smashing success of our collaboration with Lynne Collinson and Terry Shea on a special audio feature for the Epic Patreon, we've decided to partner with the other Founding Mothers of the Women's Work Theatre Collaborative to offer even more brand new audio performances that we think will a fantastic new edition to our Patreon.

"I've always loved writing for talented artists," says Artistic Director Kevin Broccoli, "And these women are the best Rhode Island has to offer when it comes to theatrical talent. While we're not all able to be in the same room together, their voices and the unmatched skill of sound designer Terry Shea, is going to give audiences a chance to feel like they're experiencing something truly special."

The latest monologue is now available on the Patreon.

It's a suspenseful character study entitled "When You Wake Up in the Forest" and the performer is the one and only Sharon Carpentier, who will have you guessing where the character you're listening to is leading you as she unravels in ways both seductive and surprising.

To hear more original work, sign up for the Epic Patreon by going to www.Patreon.com/EpicTheatreCo . It's a great way to support the theater, and gives supporters a chance to get all the best digital content.


Sharon Carpentier. Photographer: Samantha Gaus Photography

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