• Kevin Broccoli

The No-Trolls Zone

To Our Followers,

You may have noticed that lately we've been deleting comments on some of our posts.

While we're aware that whenever a social media account deletes comments, it's usually a scandal or the result of a scandal, we are committed to making this page a place free of language that is not only hateful and abusive, but also seeks to popularize dangerous positions or false information. In that way, we're making sure our Facebook page is actually an improvement over Facebook itself.

Over the years, we've rarely had to do anything like this, since we think if you merely scan our page, you'll see where we stand on a myriad of issues. It used to be the case that if you didn't agree with what an individual or organization had to say, you simply went elsewhere, but lately, people seem to want to spend an inordinate amount of time showing up in other people's comments section just to cause anger or distress. These people are called trolls, and our page is a troll-free zone. We will not allow it, and many of those trying to conduct themselves that way here are not followers of our page or patrons of our theater. Upon further examination, many seem to be--shocker--fake accounts created specifically for the purpose of upsetting others. Any account that behaves that way on our page will not just have their comments deleted, they be banned from the page. We love the engagement we see in our comments section, but we will not allow our page to be used as a platform for radical instigation or just downright stupidity.

Think of it this way--

While you're allowed to say whatever you want, you are not allowed to show up at someone's house, show yourself into their living room, and begin haranguing them with your thoughts on how the moon landing was faked, vaccines don't work, and Sesame Street is trying to turn your children into Communists, the person whose house it is has the option to ask you to leave whenever they want.

This is our house. You're welcome anytime. Provided you respect the house rules.

If not, you can go to Sean Hannity's house, but we hear it's filthy and that there's a weird smell coming from the basement.

For those of you who would try to turn this into our theater trying to stifle free speech or us being a bunch of liberals who can't handle hearing differing points of view, we've included a lovely photo of one of favorite actresses laughing at you, and know that we are laughing (loudly) alongside her.

Have a great day!

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