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The Octopus and The Queen: A Fairy Tale

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"The Octopus and The Queen"

The Queen was visited by an Octopus

On the first day of May

The Octopus was very, very upset

Because there was a storm outside

And the thunder and the rain

And the lighting

Was making the Octopus very afraid

The Octopus asked to meet the Queen

Because the Octopus wanted to know

If the Queen

Who was very powerful

And very smart

Could stop the storm

And make it go away

The Queen was very happy

To meet with the Octopus

Because she had never met

An Octopus before

Even the Octopus lived

In the castle aquarium

The Queen went to the aquarium

All by herself

Because even though she had many

Helpers and friends

She wanted the Octopus to talk to her

Without feeling nervous

About talking in front of lots of other people

When the Queen got to the Octopus tank

The Octopus did seem very nervous

So the Queen sat down in front of the tank

Which was not easy to do

Because the Queen’s dress was very big

And it puffed out in front of her

As she sat

Even from deep within the castle

Where the aquarium was located

It was still possible to hear the rain and thunder

And the Octopus was still afraid of the storm

Even though it felt much better

Being in the presence of the Queen

Who was in charge of everything

The Octopus asked the Queen

If she could scare the storm away

And in that moment

The Queen wanted very much

To tell the Octopus

That she could make the storm go away

Because she knew that the storm would go away

Whether she told it to or not

But she didn’t want to tell the Octopus a lie

Even if it meant

The Octopus would feel better

Instead she told the Octopus

That even a Queen

Could not make the storm go away

Because nobody is in charge

Of how storms come and go

But that they do come and go

And that this one would go too

But the Octopus was too young

To remember all the other storms

That had come through the kingdom

And so it had trouble understanding

Something it had never lived through

The Queen said that it was okay

For the Octopus to be scared

And that no matter how many storms

The Queen has seen

She still gets scared whenever a new one arrives

The Octopus asked the Queen

What she does when she’s scared

And she told the Octopus

That she likes to think about

All the things she’s going to do

When she’s not scared anymore

In fact, she said, The last time I was scared

I told myself that when the storm was over

I would build myself a beautiful aquarium

Right here in the castle

That I could visit whenever I was afraid or sad

And that would make me feel better

The Octopus couldn’t believe

That the Queen could feel better

Being here in the aquarium

When the Octopus wanted to visit with the Queen

For that very same reason!

The Octopus told the Queen this

And the Queen laughed and said--

You may be surprised to know

That a Queen needs an Octopus

Just as much as an Octopus needs a Queen

It should have made the Octopus nervous

To know that someone the Octopus was counting on

To take care of everything

Was really no more powerful

Than the Octopus

But that didn’t happen

Instead it made the Octopus happy

To know that it could be useful to the Queen

Just by having a little visit with her

In a place she made

For when there was lighting happening

Outside the castle

The Queen and the Octopus sat for awhile

Talking about other things That made them scared

And talking about those things

Made them a little less scared

And they talked about things

That made them sad

Like not being able

To go outside in a storm

But by talking about it

It made them

A little less sad

And they talked about

All the things they were going to do

When the storm was over

And by talking about

It made the Octopus realize

That one day


The storm would be gone

And the Queen said--

When it’s gone

You and I will go down to the shore

And you can go in the ocean

And float and swim

And surge through the waves

The Octopus thought this sounded very nice

But it was also very nice

To visit with the Queen

The sound of her voice

Wasn’t louder than the thunder outside But the Octopus focused on the Queen

And what she was saying

And how kind she was being

The Octopus asked the Queen

If she would stay in the aquarium

And wait until the Octopus was asleep

Before she went back to her throne room

And the Queen said that

Yes, she would

Because the Octopus was her subject

Just like any other subject

And it would be her honor

To give it comfort

So she sat

And after a few moments

The Octopus slipped into sleep

And outside the storm

Began to pull back

Like a wave

From the sand

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