• Kevin Broccoli

The Roast of Aaron Blanck

Updated: Aug 7

This week we've got our first Aaron Blanck Special!

It's a good old-fashioned Roast featuring some of the best and brightest from "Fill in the Blanck" our very own Epic game show.

Our Roast Masters, Liza Minnelli (Mike Puppi) and Shelley Duvall (Beth Alianiello) are taking the reins while our panel of celebrities gives us the goods.


Melanie Stone as Gwyneth Paltrow

Helena Tafuri as Maria Callas

Kelly Robertson as Stuart Little

Melissa Penick as Madonna

Daria-Lyric Montaquila as Aretha Franklin

Rae Mancini as Bette Davis

Alexis Ingram as Mariah Carey

Kerry Giorgi as Judy Garland

Brian Kozac as COVID-19

Derek Smith as Twinkle Toes Tina

And a Special Appearance by Alison O’Neil as Herself

The "Fill in the Blanck/Roast" Writing Team features Aaron Blanck, Catia, Brian Kozak, and Daria-Lyric Montaquila.

Get ready to get fired up!

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