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Welcome Old Friends!

This Friday, we're hosting our 8th Annual "Old Friends" show at the James and Gloria Maron Cultural Arts Center, home to the Academy Players!

The show is at 8pm, and features our biggest roster yet of talented Epic friends--some of whom are making a big return to the stage.

Epic's proceeds from the event go to the Ronald McDonald House, and tickets can be purchased at https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4445248

What can you expect?

Well, we'll give you a sneak peek at the titles of all the brand new scenes and monologues written by our Fearless Leader specifically for this one-night only event.

The Waynes Go For a Walk

The Elephants Discuss Retirement

Scrooge McDuck Explains Fiscal Responsibility

How to Use Your Terminator

We’re Not Eating Mortimer

Grandpa Joe

The Dozen

So No One Told You Were Going to Get Sick of Standing in This Fountain


This Might Not Be Radio

How Do You Turn This Thing Off?

Give Thanos a Chance


Questions for the Kidnappers

Grandpa Nick’s Pizzeria

The Rats Discuss New York

I Would Leave You For

Would Your Mother Throw This Out?

Vince Petronio’s Secret Garden


Erika Fay Greenwood and Alvaro Beltran Will Be Appearing in "Old Friends" / Photo by Dave Cantelli

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